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A small insight into the more than 100-year-old history of the Schusterkrämer Guesthouse:

Referred to in the land register as Schusterkrämer-Häusl in Alm, the hotel came into the possession of the Schwaiger-Jerabek family around 1900.  The building used to house a shoemaker's (Schuster) workshop as well as a grocer's (Krämer) shop with a farm, which explains the name of our accommodation.  As early as the 1920s, guests from Berlin who arrived by bicycle stayed in our guesthouse. The great-grandmother Maria took over the Schusterkrämer estate as a 12-year-old after the death of her father, and ran the bed and breakfast until 1970. From 1939 to 1969 there was a tailor's workshop here run by Maria's husband, Alois Jerabek. In 1971, the entire building was renovated by the son, Herbert Jerabek. He and his wife Anni continued to expand the business and finally handed over the hotel to us, the Lederer-Frischmuth family, in 2012.

Since October 2012, it has been our mission to continue operating the bed and breakfast with great passion. We are pleased that we still welcome the same regular guests to us year after year while we also attract new holidaymakers to our hotel.  We always keep up with the times and try to keep the accommodation up to date. We have already implemented the following innovations:

  • 2012

    Construction of a carport. A holiday apartment has been renovated.

  • 2013

    Terraces upgraded.

  • 2014

    Start of the bathroom renovation with the first three bathrooms.

  • 2015

    Enlargement of a holiday apartment and renovation of the next three bathrooms.

  • 2016

    Façade renovation with full thermal insulation and sandblasting, window replacement, balcony elevation and complete renovation of three double rooms.

  • 2017/18

    The remaining bathrooms were renovated.

  • 2020

    This year we improved the security of the building. A new fire alarm system with smoke extraction was installed and fire compartments were created.

  • 2021

    The remaining floors were renovated and the first chests were replaced.

  • 2022

    We are getting a new staircase railing!


Familie Lederer-Frischmuth
Am Dorfplatz 9
5761 Maria Alm


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